Christmas Decoration Ideas For Rentals

The holiday’s season is the perfect time to get all festive and celebrate the good things in your life. However, when you live in a rental, but you love to decorate the house, Most rental apartments come with furniture and strict landlords that won’t let you change much around the house. What can you do in this situation? Do you just give you up and never decorate your rental again? Or you try to find creative ideas to keep your house beautiful during the holiday’s season? The second option is better, and that’s why you can find some great decoration ideas for Christmas right below!

When you think of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is probably one thing that instantly pops into your head: lights! For Christmas every house, city, and village are getting dressed up in beautiful lights and they all sparkle so nicely, you would like to have them into your house as well. You can make it possible without ruining the rental you are living in! One great idea is to hang some colorful/white lights from the ceiling. If that is not an option for you, you can still hang lights on things around the house: try on the wall, on a mirror, on a plant and, why not, on your bike!

If you would like to have a Christmas tree, but the space is too small on your rental, you have other options. One great idea for small apartments in Virginia Beach is to buy a smaller tree and place it by the window or on the TV table. If that won’t work either, you can arrange a small table with white candles and greenery. It will give you a great Christmas feeling without taking too much space. You can also think about a pine arrangement to place on the door, for example. Be creative!

A popular symbol of Christmas is the mistletoe. This classic decoration will not take much space and can be hung from any ceiling or placed on any door. Add a nice touch to it, such as a black heart frame or another creative detail you may think of. The best idea would be to hang it in the living room, but you can also place it on the front door, as a welcome to your guests this Christmas.

A great idea for rentals in Virginia Beach that are too small to fit a tree is the tabletop tree. Buy a smaller Christmas tree and place it on a small table. Add presents and beautiful decorations and you got yourself a nice Christmas tree without much effort. You can place the tree in the center of the room or find a corner where everybody will see it.