Smart Decorator Tricks For Small Rentals

When you live in a small rental, the lack of storage or the poor decoration can make you feel uncomfortable and frustrated. Instead of living every day in misery and frustration, you might as well find some great solutions for your rental and transform your living space into an awesome one! Even though rental apartments usually need the landlord’s approval for any change, you can still upgrade your apartment without investing a fortune or having to check with the landlord for every change. Check out these smart tricks for your small rental!

Most small rentals also have problems with the lighting. And who wants to live in a dark place? If you want to add more light to your house as well, but you have no idea how you could do it, here is an idea for you! Instead of buying a more powerful light bulb, paint the walls in a lighter color, such as beige, white, or bright yellow. Also, if you can, you should also use lighter colors on the floor as well. Soft, lighter colors will make the room feel brighter and bigger instantly!

For the rentals in Virginia Beach that lack the light or space, using a mirror can be a great trick to enhance the size of the room and make it look bigger. For a complete effect, place the mirror on the opposite side of the window. This way, the light from the window will bounce back in the room and make the entire space feel bigger and airier. Also, the bigger the mirror you hang on the wall, the better!

Have you ever thought of metallic hues for small spaces? Metallic hues have a similar effect to that of a mirror, which is reflecting light and instantly “brightening up space.” You don’t have to go all crazy with the metallic hues, but you can add simple and effective objects in this color. Go for a light fixture, a shimmery lamp or other similar decorative objects that will help the room look bigger and lighter!

If you need more storage and you cannot imagine where you would place another drawer, forget about it! Instead, think about floating shelves. These great storage ideas for apartments in Virginia Beach offer a nice alternative to bookcases, armoires or chests. Plus, they will not crowd up the small space, but enhance it. These floating shelves can also be transformed into decorative elements at the same time if you add a creative touch to them. For example, buy them in some rich color, such as blue, red, green or yellow or display the best decorative elements you have on them. Either way, your living space will look great with these shelves!

There are other many great decorative ideas for small spaces, but if you only give a second thought to these tips above, you will transform your living space instantly. Create a new living room with just a few adjustments!