Texas One of the Best States in America

No one is more proud of being where they are from the people were from Texas. We have all heard the saying do not mess with Texas. They are people who know their history, they know that they are fighters, they know that they are protectors of freedom and they will not put up with anything less than what is legal and ideal. They are defenders of the Constitution and they believe in upholding the rights. They are a people will understand that government serves people and people do not serve the government.

Texas is not for everyone. If you hate freedom that Texas is probably not the place for you. If you don’t believe in the Second Amendment and man’s right to bear arms and if guns scare you, don’t bother with Texas because it isn’t for you. If you don’t like the storied Dallas Cowboys or the Dallas cowgirls, then Texas might not be for you because this is cowboy nation. Not only do they have the team the cowboys, they have real cowboys, ranchers cattle hands and men who do will work each and every day. Texas is not for the week.

Texas has all this ruggedness and all this individualism but the people are true salt of the earth. The people are kind, the people will freely give you a smile, the people hold strong to their values and to their beliefs and they will not compromise it for anything. Texas might be right for you if by reading what has been written and this article, you identify with that, you want to be a part of it, if you like what you read, then Texas might be perfect for you completely. For some people it is perfect for and for some people it is not.

The truth is that Texas varies a lot from city to city. Every city has its own culture. Some cities are more conservative than others and some are more liberal. Some have industries that are more white-collar some have industries that are more blue. Your personality will help you decide which place in Texas is right for you. One city might be completely wrong for you but one city might be perfect. You never know until you get here until you put boots on the ground and get to know the people and what all the state has to offer.